To encourage participation of the Competition, contestants are required to upload competition video links during online enrollment for the Preliminary Competition, and adjudicators will decide Semi-final Competition enlisted contestants list by watching the videos. Same as the past years, enlisted contestants of the Semi-final and Final Competitions are required to perform live presentations in the designated competition days.
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Video title format (Group name – Participant’s Name – Story Name)
Example: Kindergarten Group – Chan Tai Man – Three Little Pig / Cooperation Group – Chan Tai Man, Lee Siu Ming – Little Red Riding Hood

*Please upload the video to YouTube before you apply.

Learn more about uploading the unlisted Youtube video (Web version / Mobile version)

Video(s) need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Upload the video(s) to YouTube as “unlisted”. If the video(s) is/are shared or publicised, the Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any contestant(s);

  2. YouTube link(s) submitted must be valid for watching the video. The Organiser is not liable for disqualifying any contestant(s) due to invalid link(s);

  3. No self-introduction is needed in the video(s);

  4. 5 marks will be deducted from the total score of each adjudicator from any contestant(s) whose video length exceed 10 seconds of the time limit (Time limit – 3 minutes for Individual Entry; 4 minutes for Group Entry)

  5. Video shooting must be freeze-frame without any editing; and

  6. The picture and volume must be clear and free of noise. The Organiser is not liable for any scoring affected by the quality of the video(s).

  7. When enrollment period is over, any requests of change or re-submit of competition video/ video link will not be entertained.

*Enlisted contestants will receive email notification with Semi-final Competition details. Semi-final Competition Enlisted Contestants List will be published on competition website simultaneously.