Story Theme “Little Creature in my Heart”
The theme of the story is not restricted, but a special prize is set for awarding the Final Competition entry which best echoes the theme.
Language Cantonese
Time limit 3 minutes for Individual Entry; 4 minutes for Group Entry


Entrance Eligibility

Kindergarten Group Children who are 3 years old or above attending nursery school or kindergarten*
Junior Primary Group Children who are attending P.1 to P.3
Senior Primary Group Children who are attending P.4 to P.6
Non-Chinese Group Non-Chinese children who are attending P.1 to P.6 and native tongue is not Cantonese
Cooperation Group
(2-4 people)
Family-and-Friend or Teacher-and-Student:
A group including at least one child (K.1 to P.6) with their relative(s), friend(s), or /and teacher(s) at all ages

*Must be aged 3 or above before 31st December 2019
Remarks: The previous Champion winners are not eligible to join the same group that won before


  1. Submit video for Preliminary Competition during online enrollment (Please visit Video Upload Instructions page for details).

  2. Contestants MUST arrive on the registration time in Semi-final and Final Competition (except Preliminary Competition). The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any latecomers.

  3. Organiser will provide microphone(s) to contestant(s):
    Semi-final – Mic on mic stand
    Final – Headset mic

  4. MC will introduce contestant(s) before their presentation, contestant(s) NO need to do so.

  5. If the contestant(s) overrun:
    Preliminary# – Base on the video length to decide weather is overrun or not
    Semi-final# – Bell rings once when time is up; bell rings twice when overrun for more than 10 seconds
    Final – No reminder when overrun
    #5 marks will be deducted from the total score of each adjudicator from any contestant(s) overrun for more than 10 seconds.

  6. Score checking will NOT be provided. Except staff, all participants are NOT allowed to approach the adjudicator(s) in any situations. Violators may be disqualified.

  7. Staff have the rights to take any suitable actions to maintain order and execute the Rules onsite. Please cooperate.

  8. No make-up competition will be arranged for contestant(s) who failed to attend due to personal reasons.


Points to Note

  1. Please take good care of your personal belongings.

  2. Contestants may wear costumes and bring their own props, and the scores will not be affected by costumes and props.

  3. To avoid interrupting the presentations in Semi-final and Final Competition (except Preliminary Competition), please enter or exit the audience area during the short intervals between the presentations if deem necessary.

  4. Please check registered email, the official website and Facebook fan page for news update in timely manners.

The Organiser reserves the right to revise the above details, Rules, Points to Note and arrangements without prior notice. In case of any disputes, the Organiser has the right to make final decision.